About Redenim

Bringing the Fitting Room to You

Skip the trip to the mall. Discover your perfect pair of premium jeans delivered right to your door.

Finding the right pair of jeans is hard. Whether it's navigating dozens of styles just to find one you like, figuring out if the fitting room mirrors are playing tricks on you, or going back and fourth with online shops, it's a lot.

But we all know how you feel when you finally land that perfect paircomfortable, sexy, and above all, confident. 

We hear you. 

Redenim helps you discover that perfect pair of jeans without all the terrible parts of shopping. We bring the fitting room to you. No trip to the mall, no pressure from sales people, no full payment up front.

We give you 30 days to try three pairs of premium jeans hand selected to fit you: your style, your curves, yourself. Keep the ones you love, send back the ones that don't work. It's that simple.

Why do we do what we do?

Redenim was founded because we wanted to take all the parts of personal styling that work and bring them to you without any pressure. We know how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans so we brought the boutique experience online. No more settling for cheap, fast fashion denim. No more buying expensive jeans that you hate two weeks later. We give you flexibility to try premium denim in your own home for 30 days so you're sure when it comes time to commit.  

Ready to find your perfect pair?

We're excited to help you find your new favorite pair of jeans! Getting started is easy. Simply create a style profile so we can start finding the perfect styles for you. Give it a try: