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Q. What exactly is Redenim? Redenim offers designer jeans for long term, affordable lease through our membership program. Why lease? We know that jeans have a very specific fit and as our bodies change naturally over time, our jeans may not necessarily fit the same. Instead of paying full price for jeans that might not fit in a few months, Redenim offers you a rotating closet so all you have to worry about is changing your jeans, not yourself.

We carry brands that retail for more than $150 per pair to bring you the highest quality designer jeans that fit well and hold up at membership prices that you can afford. Brands are hand selected based on quality, manufacturing practices, and fit. We would never rent a pair of jeans we wouldn't wear ourselves.

Q. How does Redenim work? You begin by creating an account at Redenim and purchasing a membership. We then allow you to choose the exact pair of jeans you want. You can wear your jeans up to 3 months, return them, or if you love your jeans, you can keep them to purchase.

Q. How do I return my Redenim jeans?  Your Redenim jeans will come with a free, prepaid return envelope. If you decide to return your jeans for whatever reason -- whether your size changes or your style -- simply place them in the return envelope and drop off at your local post office. If you lose your return envelope during your rental don't worry. Contact us at customerservice@redenim.com and we will email you a new label for you to print.

Q. What happens if my Redenim jeans are not the right size or I don't like them? The biggest goal of Redenim is to get you in jeans that fit well. All Redenim jeans come with a free, prepaid return envelope. If your jeans are the wrong size or you don't like them, you may return them for a full refund or exchange them unworn and unwashed within 14 days of receipt. If you choose to exchange your jeans, we will handle shipping both ways. After 14 days, all exchanges and returns will be handled as new leases and you will not be refunded what you've already paid towards lease.

Q. Can I keep my Redenim jeans if I love them? Absolutely! If you love your Redenim jeans you can purchase them. Prior to 3 months of wear, you can visit your customer portal and select "purchase my jeans" and we will charge your card on file for the retail value of the jeans minus what you've already paid for your membership. If you keep your jeans past 3 months, we will charge your card on file the difference to their retail price. 

Q. Are Redenim jeans cleaned before I get them? Yes! All jeans are rigorously cleaned and maintained to ensure that your jeans are as close to brand new as possible. We partner with cleaners who professionally launder and repair Redenim jeans. We would never send out a pair of jeans that we would not wear ourselves.

Q. How do I care for my Redenim jeans? Because you will have your Redenim jeans for as long as a few months, we know there may be times when you need to launder them. Typically, jeans can be worn up to 60 times without needing to be laundered. All jeans will be shipped with specific care instructions and it is your responsibility to follow those instructions per your rental agreement to ensure that you are not charged for the full retail value upon return. We will also provide instructions on how to freshen your jeans between washes. When it comes time to send your jeans back, don't worry about laundering them. We will take care of cleaning upon receipt. Read more on how to care for your jeans.

Q. Do you offer alterations Redenim jeans? As innovators (and short girls ourselves) we are exploring ways to offer tailoring that can be reversed if jeans are returned to us. As soon as we perfect this, we will offer tailoring for an additional fee. In the meantime, we are trying to offer brands and styles that offer a variety of inseams for women of all sizes.

Q. How does Redenim insurance work? It is very unlikely that you will completely destroy your jeans. Your Redenim membership includes insurance which covers you against normal wear and tear and manageable stains. 

Q. What happens if I accidentally stain, damage, or misplace my Redenim jeans? We expect some normal wear and small stains on jeans and your insurance protects you against manageable maintenance. If your jeans are returned damaged or destroyed and determined to be unwearable by our professional cleaners, your card on file will be charged the difference to retail. If you misplace your jeans, we will continue to charge you monthly for 3 consecutive months and then charge the difference to retail, or you can notify us that you will not be returning your jeans and we will charge your card the difference to retail upon notification.

Q. How do I cancel my Redenim lease? Your Redenim lease will end in two possible ways. 

  1. If you return your jeans using your free, prepaid envelope, and do not select a new pair of jeans to be shipped to you, we will cease charging your card on file when we receive your jeans. Jeans must be returned prior to your billing period start date in a given month to avoid an additional charge.
  2. If you love your jeans and wish to purchase them, you can contact us through your customer portal and we will charge you the retail price of the jeans, minus what you've already paid to rent and stop all monthly payments to your card on file.

You will not be able to cancel or modify your membership while you have Redenim jeans unless you opt to purchase them or return them.

Do you have additional questions? Ask below and we will get back to you with an answer!