Return and Purchase Policy

General Returns

The biggest goal of Redenim is to get you in jeans that fit well. All Redenim memberships come with a free, prepaid return envelope. If your jeans are the wrong size or you don't like them, you may return them for a full refund or exchange them unworn and unwashed within 14 days of receipt. After 14 days, all exchanges and returns will be handled as new membership months and you will not be refunded what you've already paid.

End-of-Membership Returns

Your Redenim jeans will come with a free, prepaid return envelope. You can hold on to your Redenim jeans as long as you please. If you decide to return your jeans for whatever reason -- whether your size changes or your style -- simply place them in the return envelope and drop off at your local post office. If you lose your return envelope during your rental don't worry. Contact us at and we will email you a new label for you to print.

Purchasing Your Jeans

If you love your Redenim jeans you can keep them in one of two ways:

  1. Prior to 9 months of wear, you can visit your customer portal and select "purchase my jeans" and we will charge your card on file for the retail value of the jeans minus what you've already paid to rent.
  2. If you rent your jeans for 9 months, you will have paid the full retail value of the jeans and they will be yours to keep. All subscription pricing is terminated after 9 consecutive months of lease for a single pair of jeans.